Our new butcher bundles make it more convenient than ever to buy delicious, pastured raised meats grown on local family farms — delivered to your door.



How it Works


We source heritage breed pasture raised pork, 100% grass-fed beef, and pastured poultry from our farm in Kentwood, Louisiana as well as other local source verified farms using sustainable pasture based farming techniques.


Each month we put together a curated selection of beef, pork, and chicken. We switch things up so you’ll have different cuts each month.


Bundles are delivered by the Iverstine team to your door. We use insulated boxes to keep things fresh and share some of our favorite recipes and tips so you can treat friends and family to delicious, locally sourced meals.

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Still Have Questions?

  • What’s in the bundle?

    Our butcher's bundle is a monthly selection of 11lbs-13lbs of cuts curated by our team of expert butchers. Our bundle is meant to give you cuts to fit many different cooking methods and expose you to a variety of cuts; some you are familiar with, and some that you've never seen in the grocery store. But don't worry our butchers will provide appropriate cooking techniques and 1 recipe on our blog per month.

  • What can I expect to get in my bundle each month?

    We are a whole animal butcher shop, so our goal is to respect the life of the animal by making the best use of each cut. Each month your cuts will vary. We will keep track of what you have received in the past and keep your bundle rotating and exciting. That being said we structure the bundle to have some ground meat (beef and pork), smoked or fresh Sausage, something to grill (chops or steaks), some sort of roast (beef or pork), breakfast meat (bacon/breakfast sausage). You also have the option to add a la carte items to your bundle each month like extra ground beef, eggs, lard, bacon, sausage...

  • Will I get steaks in my bundle?

    Yes and No. The best way to eat more sustainably is to eat more variety from the animal. So while you will get steaks in your bundle occasionally, it is not guaranteed. Our bundle is meant to give you cuts for every night of the week, not just the steak night.


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