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    The Farm

    Our number one mission of what we do is to build healthy topsoil on our farm. We raise all of our animals on pasture using Managed Intensive Rotational Grazing. This technique allows us to raise animals as close to their natural environment as possible. We allow each species to express their natural tendencies. We allow cattle to graze, pigs to root, and chickens to scratch and peck. By strategically planning our grazing system, and using each animal in symbiotic relationship with each other, we are able to improve the health of the land, grow delicious food, and feed our community.

A Little About
Our Pasture Raised Animals
  • Grass Fed Beef

    Our cattle are essential tools in building healthy and vibrant soils on our farm. We graze our cattle using Managed Intensive Rotational Grazing techniques. We move our cattle to fresh pasture on a daily basis. This accomplishes 3 things. First, our cows always have access to the highest quality forages, which provide optimal growth and development. Second, it allows for the even distribution of manures, which efficiently recycles the nutrients and feeds our dung beetles and earthworms. Lastly, by moving our cattle daily, the parasitic chain is broken; thus naturally reducing the number of parasitic worms and flies that would attack our cattle, and reducing the need for chemical wormers and fly sprays that are harmful to soil, insects, and microbes.

    Iverstine Family Farms grazes native grasses as well as strategically planned, no-till planted forages. This provides us year-round gain on solely grass. Our calves are finished on grass in a little over two years. This ensures that our calves have reached the fullest potential of fat, finish, and tenderness.

  • Pastured Pork

    At Iverstine Family Farms, we fully embrace the “hogness” of the hog. We raise our hogs in well-shaded, wood lot areas. We rotate the hogs to different paddocks regularly to allow them to root, wallow, and roam freely. All of our hogs help keep the underbrush down in our wooded areas, allowing the more desirable trees to thrive and drop plenty of highly nutritious acorns for the hogs in the fall and winter.

    Our hogs are all heritage breeds Berkshires. These hogs produce well-marbled, deep red textured meat resulting in a flavor profile complexity that has been absent in pork over the past few decades. The carcass characteristics combined with their diet variation produces a dining experience like none other. We like to say that our pork tastes like... PORK. Tender, juicy, flavorful pork!

  • Pastured Poultry

    Our broiler chickens and holiday turkeys start out in our deep-bedded brooder for approximately three weeks. In the brooder, we are able to control our birds’ climate until they are able to regulate their own body temperature. From there, the chickens and turkeys go onto the fields following behind the cows. The birds are moved every afternoon to fresh ground. They eat grubs, worms, grasses, crickets, and flies, as well as free choice, all-natural grain rations. 

    Like the cows, they are putting down highly valuable manure to help restore the pasture and add to the quality of our topsoil. At the end of the day, Iverstine Family Farms is able to provide to you the most delicious chicken and turkey you will ever have.

Photo by Ischelle Martin

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